Blossoms at NightThousand Blossoms was created to serve anyone who is interested in living a spiritual life in the everyday world. The name of this company is symbolic.  In Hinduism you often hear of a thousand-armed goddess, or a thousand-eyed god.  The number thousand signifies a very large number, an infinite amount.  The word “blossoms” refers to pink and white cherry blossoms, where each cherry blossom symbolizes the light emanating from an awakening or awakened soul.

Thousand Blossoms website is dedicated to all awakening spiritual beings having a human experience.

My second book, Awakening in God’s Heart: The Ascension of Humanity, was written in order to remind you of your spiritual origins.  It is a meditative book that is designed to assist you on your spiritual journey back to God’s Heart. It was written from a dream within a dream—where the veil is slightly torn and we are given a glimpse of just how large we are.

“This text has a beautifully uncompromising tone, with truth after truth laid forth in elegance.
The reader’s identity with God and welcoming into the Sacred Heart are as crisp as geometry proofs.
It has the clarity of running spring water.”
– Idony Lisle, style editor

“Marvelous, heart-centered, beautifully written.”
– Rosina Wilson, editor


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My first book, The Shift Journey: Spirituality, Virtue, and Unconditional Love, was written to consider the psychology involved when transitioning to live a spiritual life.  What does it mean to live the life of a spiritual being having a human experience? This book is written from a philosophical perspective that merges Western and Eastern methods and philosophies. It provides a conceptual and psychological foundation for my second book.

Amazon#1-Bestseller-Badge-transparent1Amazon No. 1 Bestseller

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BuyNow From Amazon - The Shift Journey

My blog features the wisdom of brilliant thinkers of the past and present.  Each month a new thinker or substantial idea will be the focus of the Wisdom Teachings blog.  It is my hope that you will find these posts helpful.

What’s to Come?

In the near future I will also be offering talks, lectures, workshops, and seminars about living the spiritual life that emphasizes virtuous living, happiness, and unconditional love.  I believe these aspects lead to a life of human flourishing, in the best possible sense.  In addition, these talks and lectures will be available as online courses.  Please visit this site again to view when these courses will be available.

Thank you for visiting.

~ Elaine Yoshikawa

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